Quality Policy

Working Policy

The first step is the Receipt of Order. Based on the specifications laid out in the order we prepare a Shop drawing after a careful evaluation of the tender drawings.

The next step in our quality control procedures involves the preparation of a PERT chart which is a graphical representation of a project’s schedule and is based on the Program Evaluation Review Technique. A PERT chart shows the sequence of the tasks which must be performed simultaneously and the critical path of tasks that must be completed on time for the project to meet its completion deadline.

The next step involves the preparation of a ’Bill of Quantities’ for the work to be executed. Based on this Bill orders are sent out to vendors having clearly defined delivery schedules based on the PERT chart.

The material that is received from the vendors should be accompanied by the test certificates and thereafter the work is executed in the line with the specifications of the order.

The final step of our quality control procedures involves preparation of ’AS BUILT’ drawings with complete documents which is handed over to the maintenance team.

At MESIPL, we consider your electrical system to be an asset built to last a lifetime. Our policy is to ensure customer satisfaction as we use best quality of material, workmanship, service and time. This is evidenced from our clients who have repeatedly awarded us with time bound projects of intricate nature.

Unique Working Style
Our work is conducted in a manner to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our clients, our employees and their families. We believe in investing in the training of our employees to provide value added services in conjunction with state of the art technology.
Social Responsiblity
The employees are periodically trained and provided with educational benefits for their children. The welfare of each employee is ensured and the company's attrition rate is low.
Health, Safety & Environment
MESIPL is committed to ensure the health and safety of its employees as also to prevent any damage to the environment, ensuring that all issues pertaining to the environment (concerning air, water, soil, noise and disposal of wastes) are addressed within its business activities. Safety training and compulsory use of Personal protective equipment. are provided to mitigate and manage the risks associated in the work environment.
We provide below Personal protective equipment to our Technicians

Tool Bag

Safety Shoes


Nose Dust Mask

Ear Plug

Hand Gloves


Quality Policy
Miracle Electrical Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to meet customer specified requirements and attain customer satisfaction by Supply, Design, Installation & Testing of Electrical, Security System & Building Automation System through continual improvement in the effectiveness of the quality manage.
Quality Objectives

To Increase overall turnover by 50% till march 2019

To increase clients by 20% till march 2019

To strive for customer satisfaction by services & technological integration 80%.

To train, motivate & encourage employees for better performance working

To ensure availability material at right time and right pricing.

To ensure on time project completion & error free work.

To ensure FIFO system implementation in storage.