Manpower Strength

Human Resources With more than 22,000 strong, well-motivated multi-national work force, Galfar is one of the largest private sector employers in the region. Its work force includes about 4,000 Omani nationals and rest from other countries, mainly from Indian sub continent and North African countries. One of the greatest achievements of Galfar is its Omanisation Programme. Always conscious of the goals set by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, the Company has achieved tremendous success in training and employing Omani Nationals. Galfar has always been one step ahead of other similar organizations in the country and has now become the employer of the largest number of Omani Nationals in the private sector. Galfar’s workforce is well-trained and highly skilled and competent to meet the requirements of our demanding customers. They have the experience of working in the most difficult working conditions. The Engineers and Managers are among the best with their rich experience and knowledge. With the aim of developing national workforce Galfar has established training centers at Muscat and Sohar. Galfar training centers provide training in various skills for the omani nationals. .

Indeed Galfar, in accordance with His Majesty’s directives, believes in the role Nationals are playing in the private sector. With its current National manpower strength of about 4,000 employees (20% Omanisation), Galfar is aiming to continue increasing the Omanisation rate of the company and inducting potential Omani employees in its Units. .

Our Human Resource’s mission is to provide professional services to the Company’s Units in order to attract motivate and retain our National cadre to achieve corporate objectives. The Company currently preparing number of Engineers to hold senior position in the future such as projects management through its training programs as Galfar believes that the Country is built by its Nationals’ hands. .

Recently, the company has taken extra efforts in recruiting and retaining Nationals in various categories, and developing them. These efforts include.